About me

About my Artwork

Most of my artwork comes to life through intuitive painting.

I work with various mixed techniques. Here I use e.g. acrylic paints, watercolors and oil pastels, or I implement ideas on a digital level with Adobe Photoshop.

In addition to my degree in media design, my passion remained with classic painting and drawing.

Expressionist painters like Franz Marc, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Wassily Kandinsky have fascinated and inspired me since my youth. Similarly I rediscover my own inner emotional world in my artwork. When I paint, I consciously or unconsciously let myself be guided by my inner emotional compass. It is remarkable to recognize in a self-reflection, that the emotionally inner world – which is influenced by the outer world – creates an inner balance and harmony through the paintings in a transformational process. So I found a way for myself to transform supposedly negative emotions into a piece of art that is meaningful to me.

My inspiration and moving spirit comes from mother earth and her primary elements fire, earth, water, air, the love for the ocean and the liberation of the female elemental force, as well as the connection to angels and light beings and my inner child.

On request, I create portraits and soul art for young and old as personal commissioned paintings. In addition to intuitive painting, I also offer illustrations for children books, editorial or character design.

About Me

Sarah Natalie Bloch, born on December 14th 1982, was lovingly called „Little Fish“ when she was a child, because she loved the Ocean so much, and it was not easy to get her out of the water. Her connection and love for the ocean never changed since then.
She lives out this longing and closeness to nature in her artwork and her awareness of nature.


In her school days at a girls’ school, Sarah scribbled her own drawings in class. And the way to illustration has been paved. Sarah felt her passion for drawing and painting, but nevertheless took a small detour to study Media Design in Munich.

After completing her studies and working in an advertising agency, Sarah moved to New Zealand in 2009 for one year. There she came in touch with the angels for the first time, which changed her forever. Sarah has deepened her connection to the angels ever since. Filled with the spirit of nature and the angels, she decided to give full expression to her feelings and intuition through painting.


Die *Feen*-Hochzeit von Tom & Sarah

The *Fairy*-wedding of Tom & Sarah (Photo: Michael Bannert)

Sarah’s big love for flowers and their fairies which she pursues in her paintings and drawings gives an idea of ​​what might be hidden behind the veil.


In her further life Sarah moved to Lake Constance and dared to follow the “Way of the artist”. There she found her soul mate Thomas. What was intended as an art project led to a wedding in 2017.


Sarah completed her Master Angel Life Coach® training with Isabelle von Fallois in 2016-2018, and has also been working as an angelic medium besides her art since then.
A shamanic training with Lisa Biritz in Hawaii followed in 2018.

Furthermore, Sarah deepens her work for the harmonization of the inner child and strengthening personal development.

Sarah illustrates children’s stories and designs Energy-Art paintings as well as paintings of personal guardian angels and fairies for young and old.


(Text: Thomas Bloch, www.herzkraft-coaching.com)