About me… and how I can help you


I am Sarah Natalie Bloch, the face behind SmoonFlowerArt,
MASTER ANGEL LIFE COACH®Certified Angel Card Reader intuitive artist.

I support people with my Coaching & personal Energy Art Paintings


I want to help people like YOU:

  • You most often feel that you are just so different than anybody else? And that you don’t really fit in… so sometimes you feel a bit lost and lonely?
  • Maybe people might have told you that you would be too sensitive for the world, and that something would be wrong with you?
  • You often tend to fulfill other people’s expectations, instead of doing what feels right for you?
  • You have lost access to your inner child, to your inner glow?
  • You want to change something in the world but don’t really believe in yourself? And there are self doubts that hold you back?
  • You feel that you have an important mission in this life. But you have no idea what that mission might be. Or you already know it, but you are afraid to accept your own inner strength to get active?
Does that sound like you? Well, don’t panic! You’re exactly at the RIGHT place! 😀

Because just a few years I have been at this point in my life, too.

But with the help of the angels and fairies I surpassed myself and I have experienced a lot of true miracles in my life. And I could already manifest the fulfillment of a lot of my dreams. Just with the help of my wonderful divine angels and spirit guides! 🙂

I can show you HOW…

  • … to make your hypersensitivity your superpower!
  • … to reconnect to your inner child, to heal and transform your life
  • … to get crystal clear clarity about the next steps.
  • … to connect to the angels, fairies and animal spirits to find love, support and guidance, and courage to get active on your dreams!
  • … to feel nourished and loved by yourself.
  • … to connect to your inner fairy-self to experience more happiness and playfulness in your life.
  • … to find your true life purpose. And the courage to commit to it.
  • … to free yourself from unpleasant situations, and how to set to healthy boundaries.
  • … to find access to your true strength and power to make healthy changes in your life!


Let’s arrange a 20 minute *Clarity Call*!

– absolutely free & without obligation!

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 All services offered are NOT a replacement for a medical or therapeutic treatment, do NOT represent a diagnosis and do NOT make a declaration of healing. Consultations during a session are spiritual coaching and are no predications about your future. If you make use of my services, you are 100 % responsible for the interpretation of the information gathered during a coaching session, as well as your acts or omissions that derive from a treatment.

Now, a little bit about me:

Me, while I'm painting! :D

Me, while I’m painting! 😀

My name is Sarah Natalie Bloch. I am an intuitive Artist, currently residing in Friedrichshafen, at the very south of Germany. My highly sensitive nature helps me to perceive the world in a different way than other people. I feel a deep connection to nature and the *unseen* world of angels, fairies, power animals and other wonderful spirit guides. And through this connection I get all my inspiration for my artwork. My vibrant paintings and illustrations incur totally intuitively. I call my art Energy Art Paintings as they are so vibrant full of colors with an almost hypnotizing effect. My energy art not only inspires and gives strength, it serves as powerful and personal companion – Art for the soul and for more vitality in everyday life! 🙂 My intention in every new creation is to bring more love & light to the world! <3

* * *

When Doreen Virtue’s oracle cards almost magically crossed my path 2009 in New Zealand, I have been intensively working together with my angelic spirit guides every day since! This changed my life in a way I cannot put into words.

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See you there! 🙂