Your personal Guardian Angel painting


Do you want to get in touch with *YOUR personal Guardian Angel*?
A painting of your personal Guardian Angel can help you to get to know your guardian angel better and to involve him more in your life.

Your personal Guardian Angel painting

Guardian angels are the angels who have been with you for a lifetime. They are the angels which are closest to you. They watch over you from the beginning to the end of your life. Like every human, you have at least 2 guardian angels – one with a more masculine energy, and one with a more feminine energy. The guardian angel who appears in your painting is the one who is currently holding a special message for your life. Your guardian angel knows you better than anyone else. But do you also know your guardian angel? Because not every guardian angel is like the other. A Guardian Angel painting is a great way to consciously get in touch with your personal guardian angel and get to know him better. I can paint a portrait of your personal guardian angel which holds the energy and a personal message from your guardian angel for you.
  • Befriend your guardian angel

    You don't have any conscious connection to your guardian angel yet? A personal Guardian Angel painting will help you to consciously get a constant connection to your guardian angel - and even become great friends! This way your guardian angel can better help you in your life. Because the angels can only help us if we ask them for help – unless, of course, we might be in a life-threatening situation before our time to go has come.

  • Feel more self-love!

    Your guardian angel knows your personality, your strengths and weaknesses, and he loves you unconditionally and infinitely exactly as you are. He will help you to internalise this feeling of unconditional self-love more and more.

  • Get a feeling of security

    Your guardian angel is your faithful companion and friend in every situation. However, if you consciously connect with him, he helps you to find a feeling of security in yourself like no other angel. You can meditate on your Guardian Angel painting, asking your guardian angel for answers.

  • Get more clarity about your next steps

    Your guardian angel can do much more than protect you from danger. Your guardian angel knows your life task, purpose, or whatever you want to call it. He knows which way is right for you – always!

  • Get an easier connection to the angels

    If you consciously connect with your guardian angel, it will get easier and easier for you to also connect to other angels like the powerful archangels.

Note: The personal Guardian Angel painting is also wonderful as a gift for your loved ones!
I simply need the name and a photo of the person to create the painting.

Gallery of some Guardian Angel paintings that I have already painted in commission:

What my clients say:

Janice, Switzerland


“I am in love with my guardian angel painting!!! I opened it today and the beautiful energy flooded my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Your high intention has been fulfilled. Every time I look at it my heart opens!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for this healing gift!”


Cathérine, Germany


“My Guardian Angel painting radiates a lot of love and strength. Cleansing, clarification, security, healing and love. I feel like my angel says to me *I’m here for you! I love you!* When I look at the painting I calm down and can relax. I feel safe, secure and loved. I feel good. Somehow it fits perfectly to my present situation. :)”


Small Size
  • Your personal Guardian Angel painting
  • painted with watercolours
    on high-quality watercolour-paper (300 g/m2)
  • Size 14,8 x 21 cm
    without frame
  • • incl. Free preliminary talk,
  • Duration 30 minutes
Medium Size
  • Your personal Guardian Angel painting
  • painted with watercolours
    on high-quality watercolour-paper (200 g/m2)
  • Size 24 x 32 cm
    without frame
  • • incl. Free preliminary talk,
  • Duration 30 minutes
  • Your personal Guardian Angel painting
  • painted with watercolours
    on high-quality watercolour-paper (250 g/m2)
  • Size 30 x 40 cm
    without frame
  • • incl. Free preliminary talk,
  • Duration 30 minutes

The following applies for all *Guardian Angel painting* prices:

Sales tax is not collected, due to the status of a small business according to § 19 par. 1 UStG.


Delivery charges:

  • Despatch within Germany is free-of-charge.
  • International delivery charges vary, please ask in your inquiry.


  • Payment up to 199,99 € total amount:
    • Prepayment by bank transfer!
  • Payment from 200,00 € total amount:
    • After placing the order, a deposit of 50% of the total amount will be charged. After the prepayment has been transferred by the customer, the delivery period begins.
    • The remaining amount will be charged after final completion of the Guardian Angel painting. After complete receipt of payment the Guardian Angel painting will be delivered to the customer.

Delivery period:

  • Delivery period for the ordered painting is usually around 22 working days, depending on the current order situation. I’ll tell you the exact current delivery date when answering your request.
  • On special request –depending on the current order situation – an earlier delivery date may also be possible. Please let me know your desired date in your request!
  • (The period of delivery begins on the day following the payment order for the prepayment to the referring bank and ends on the last day of the period.)

The personal *Guardian Angel painting*

Feel the loving connection to your Guardian Angel

Yes please!

Information about the process after you have ordered:

1. In advance – by e-mail:

a) Please answer the following questions in advance and send me the answers in written form by e-mail:

  • What is your issue?
  • Would you like an Angel-Reading in addition to the painting? If so, what is your question for the Reading?
  • Do you have any requests concerning your painting? (for example, favorite colour, colour you don’t like at all, etc ..)

We will discuss your wishes for the painting in detail during the preliminary talk.


b) For creating the personal Guardian Angel painting I need 1 photo you.
(see below under “How a *Guardian Angel painting* comes to life”)

2. Preliminary talk

The preliminary talk will take place either via telephone or encrypted video call in Google Meet (this is similar to Skype).
The preliminary talk takes about 20-30 minutes.


3. Payment

As soon as everything is clarified and I have your billing address, I will send you the bill.
Depending on the amount of the total invoice amount,

  • Payment of the total amount in advance (up to 199,99 € purchase price)
  • or prepayment of 50% of the total amount (from 200,00 € purchase price)

Once the amount has been received in my bank account, …

4. … I create your *Guardian Angel* painting

This takes about 3 weeks.

⮑ Do you need the painting at a certain date, e.g. Birthday or Christmas? Please write this in your request!


As soon as the painting is completed, I will send you a photo of the completed Guardian Angel painting by e-mail!

  • If you have made a prepayment, you will also receive an invoice by e-mail for the remittance of the balance. The painting will be sent to you after the amount has been received in my bank account.

And a few days later …


5. … you receive your *Guardian Angel painting* by mail 😀

How your *Guardian Angel painting* comes to life

What I need from you in advance:

I need 1 photo of you for creating your personal Guardian Angel painting.

The reason for this is that I can better connect with you – and also with your guardian angel – through your photo.

  • Using the photo, I intuitively connect with you on the heart level, and can thus feel what colours and symbols you need in your painting.


The painting process:
I create every Guardian Angel painting with watercolour paints. Diluted with plenty of water, these colours develop a life of their own on watercolour paper, and so the guardian angel gradually emerges “as if by itself”.
I let myself be guided in the process of painting by the colours and the energy of the guardian angel. This way a very unique painting will be created, with a guardian angel who wants to give you a special message for your life – by his way of appearance, and the colours and symbols shown in the painting.
Besides the guardian angel, other spiritual leaders who are with you or who you need at this very moment, such as a special archangel, a power animal, etc. may make an appearance in the Guardian Angel painting, too.

Do you want to have your personal *Guardian Angel painting*?


Available extras that can be ordered additionally:


An *Angel Reading* is the perfect complement to a personal Guardian Angel painting. Because it is a wonderful way to get help and answers from your angels to your most burning questions. An Angel-Reading can give you clarity about the next steps to fulfill your heart's desires.
You can get a Reading by e-mail or encrypted video call in Google Meet (which is similar to Skype).
- Price (depends on the size of the Reading and the time of the call): between 22,- and 168,- €

Message of your Guardian Angel

Any time while creating a Guardian Angel painting a message comes to me as well. This message, sort of expresses the message of the painting in words. On request, in addition to your personal Guardian Angel painting, you also receive a very special message from your guardian angel. The message is then delivered on Din A4 paper together with the painting, and as PDF file by e-mail.
- Price: 64,- €
(If you're interested, please order this together with the Guardian Angel painting!

Your painting as a little *Energy Card*

Upon request, you will receive your personal Guardian Angel painting as a small laminated *Energy Card* in size Din A7 (= 8 x 11 cm), with a little message on the back.
This way you can have your *Guardian Angel painting* always with you on the go, and you can easily connect with your guardian angel through your energy card anytime! (Of course, this is also possible without an energy card, but sometimes an image can help immensely!)
You can even put your energy card under your pillow while sleeping, or put it under your glass of water to charge, or use it for meditation.
- Price for 2 pieces: 18,80 €



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 All services offered are NOT a replacement for a medical or therapeutic treatment, do NOT represent a diagnosis and do NOT make a declaration of healing. Consultations during a session are spiritual coaching and are no predications about your future. If you make use of my services, you are 100 % responsible for the interpretation of the information gathered during a coaching session, as well as your acts or omissions that derive from a treatment.