Coaching with the angels


The Angels – wonderful beings of light & love who always stand by your side.
You only need to ask them for their help!

Since I came across the angels a few years ago, my life has changed in the most wonderful ways that I can barely put into words. Through the angels, I learned to love myself and to trust in my own path. Since then, no day has passed without “my angels”. They have become to me the most wonderful friends one could wish for.

With the help of the angels I was able to liberate myself from many burdens from the pasts, fears, insecurities and self-doubts.

And that’s exactly what I want to help YOU with!

Does that apply to you?

  • Do you seek clarity for your real purpose in life? 
  • Do you want to become free from blockades like self-doubt, insecurities and negative beliefs? 
  • To find your path to your inner happiness? And to walk this path with Faith, Courage and full of Joy

With the powerful support of the angels by my side
I reach out my hand to you,
and together we dig deep into the depths of your soul,
to detect blockades and hidden treasures…
…so that you become FREE
free for your personal path of happiness!

As a MASTER ANGEL LIFE COACH® – personally certified by Isabelle von Fallois –
I have some wonderful tools to support you on your way…

My Coaching tools:

Angel Reading

In an Angel Reading you can ask a question that I pass on to the angels. I use mostly Angel Oracle Cards to give you the Reading. As a mediator between you and the angels and divine beings, I receive messages and answers for you. A Reading is perfect when you want to get more clarity, e.g. about the next steps to fulfill your heart's desires. I can give you a Reading either in person, via phone call, video call or via E-mail.


The ISIS ANGEL HEALING® by Isabelle von Fallois is a wonderful tool to balance mental and physical disturbances on the meridian and chakra levels, to stimulate self-healing powers and to dissolve traumas in the most gentle way. The ISIS ANGEL HEALING® is great for you or even for your animals! ISIS ANGEL HEALING®s can be done as distant treatment, including a detailed preliminary and a detailed follow-up call.

Shadow Process

The Shadow Process by Isabelle von Fallois - is a very gentle method, one can very well resolve the blockades and traumas that have their origins in childhood. The whole process is recorded by me so that you can listen to it at home for a at least 21 days to break old patterns and activate self-healing. This way step by step you can come more in harmony with your inner child. The Shadow Process can be done in person or via video call with camera.

Emotional Balance with Angels (=EB)

The subconscious may sabotage us for a variety of reasons. The "EB"-technique is about bringing the subconscious mind into line with the desires or goals of our consciousness in order to achieve the best possible results. This is a simple technique that uses a combination of kinesiology (tapping of acupuncture points) and spoken affirmations, to bring emotional imbalance back into balance. The angels support this energetic process. In this way, it is easy to resolve subconscious blockages - such as uncertainties or stress - on the energetic level. An EB can be done in person or via video call with camera.

Angel Trance Coaching (=ATC)

The Angel Trance Coaching (= ATC) by Isabelle of Fallois is wonderfully suited to anchor new goals and positive patterns in your subconscious with the high energy of the angels. This method, which is similar to a guided meditation and is based on various elements of relaxation, angelic energies and trance, is very gentle and enables us to shape our reality more and more according to our wishes and goals. (This trance is NOT a hypnosis! Trance is a completely natural state that you can experience e.g. while in the cinema or while reading a good book.) The entire ATC is recorded by me so you can listen to it at home for at least 21 days, so that the way is paved for a profound positive change in your life. The ATC can be done in person or via video call with camera.

Past-Life Regressions with Angels and Raziel's Karma & Trauma Healing

These tools (by Isabelle von Fallois) differ from the traditional types of past life regression as this angelic form is not only about getting insights from ancient times to better understand today's topic, but also to gently resolve the blocks or trauma associated with the past with the help of angels. Because these tools must be used delicately and a certain amount of trust is required on both sides, they may not be used with you until the second session. Also, these sessions can only be done in person.

Personal Coaching

This is an individual coaching package which is specially adapted to you, your wishes and your situation, to support you on your personal journey over a period of several weeks or months. This package could be a mix of personal 1:1 coaching sessions, angel readings and a personal energy picture, for example.


(Find more information about the above presented tools → HERE)

The coaching sessions will take place via encrypted video call in Google Meet.
Past Life Regressions can only be given in person.

(You live near Friedrichshafen or in southern Germany? 
On special request it is possible that I give you a personal coaching session in your home. )

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Feedbacks from a few of my clients:


Germany / Feedback for an ISIS ANGEL HEALING® distant treatment

“Dear Sarah
I want to thank you so much that I could receive an Isis Angel Healing® and the helpful conversation afterwards. I feel so much calmer now and that’s good for me. I received such great impulses. I definitely feel better and more stable.
Merci my dear angel friend and companion!”

♥  😀  ♥


Milan, Italy / Feedback for an ISIS ANGEL HEALING® distant treatment for a dog

“If Sarah didn’t exist my dog would already have died!!!
She treated him when he was very sick, old, tired but few hours after the treatment he was behaving like if he had five-seven years less.
My dog is 14 years old, he has Leishmania and Addison desease and sacral vertebras stuck together.
Sarah went through all his problems with grace, love and kindness.
She even gave me messages from him I knew they were true.
I highly recommend to have your pet treated by Sarah:
you both will gain better health, confidence and love.
Thank you Sarah, God bless you”

♥  😀  ♥


Germany / Feedback for an ISIS ANGEL HEALING® distant treatment

“Dear Sarah,
Your session did me really well. It’s getting better step by step.
Especially the thoughts about karma and traumas are not as present as they used to be.
Everything feels much freer now.
Thank you again for your wonderful work!”

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 All services offered are NOT a replacement for a medical or therapeutic treatment, do NOT represent a diagnosis and do NOT make a declaration of healing. Consultations during a session are spiritual coaching and are no predications about your future. If you make use of my services, you are 100 % responsible for the interpretation of the information gathered during a coaching session, as well as your acts or omissions that derive from a treatment.