About me

About my Artwork

Most of my artwork comes to life through expressive intuitive painting.

I work with various mixed techniques. Here I use e.g. acrylic paints, watercolors and oil pastels, or I implement ideas on a digital level with Adobe Photoshop.

In addition to my degree in media design, my passion remained with classic painting and drawing.

Expressionist painters like Franz Marc, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Wassily Kandinsky have fascinated and inspired me since my youth. Similarly I rediscover my own inner emotional world in my artwork. When I paint, I consciously or unconsciously let myself be guided by my inner emotional compass. It is remarkable to recognize in a self-reflection, that the emotionally inner world – which is influenced by the outer world – creates an inner balance and harmony through the paintings in a transformational process. So I found a way for myself to transform supposedly negative emotions into a piece of art that is meaningful to me.

My inspiration and moving spirit comes from mother earth and her primary elements fire, earth, water, air, the love for the ocean and the liberation of the female elemental force, as well as the connection to angels and light beings and my inner child.

On request, I create portraits and soul art for young and old as personal commissioned paintings.