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    As a MASTER ANGEL LIFE COACH® I offer you various ways to resolve stress, blockages and old childhood wounds, and even past lives traumas.

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Do you want to become FREE from inner blockades?
To find your path to your inner happiness?
♥ 🙂 ♥

Welcome to my website! Great that you are here!

Who I am? → Click here and find out!

My services & offerings for YOU:

You need clarity?

An *Angel-Reading* is a wonderful way to get help and answers from your Guardian Angels and the Archangels. This can bring you great clarity about the next steps to fulfill your heart's desires.

You want to find out more about your inner potential & your life purpose?

A personal Energy Art painting is not only great to positively boost your energy level & connect to your inner child! A *FantasySoulPortrait* e.g. can reveal a mirror of your soul, and your potential - so you can see yourself in a new light... to create yourself anew!

Do you want to become free from blockages and old childhood wounds?

Do you feel blocked in manifesting your dreams? Do self-doubts and insecurities keep you from living the life you desire? Do the burdens of the past pull you down? – I have some wonderful tools to help you along the way... to become free, free for your personal happiness! 🙂

 → Learn more about EnergyArt Paintings  → Learn more about my Coaching tools


…You wonder what this website is about?

This is all about…

Find your path to Happiness!

But stop… what does happiness actually mean?

Is it the perfect figure? The dream partner? The great job? Financial wealth?
The fulfillment of your childhood dreams?

– Well, yes and NO! –

Because if you do not really love yourself,
and are not living at peace with the past,
you will not find your true happiness in these outer things.

You can ONLY find true happiness
in yourself!

Inner Happiness means:

To make peace with the past, no matter what happened…
 …to go through the world hand in hand with your inner Child… free, wild & wonderful!:)
  Accepting yourself unconditionally, with all of your facets – your light and shadow sides…
 …and find the courage to live and show it! Authentic, brilliant, wonderful!
To find your own thing – the one thing that really fulfills you in the depths of your soul!
Let go of the worries about your future, and live in the here and now – full of trust that you will always be cared for!

Once you are happy with yourself…
…you finally can be truly free…
…to find YOUR personal happiness in other people and external things too!

And the best of all: Now you’re really capable of manifesting your wildest dreams,
of which you have not dared to dream so far! 🙂

I want to help you on your path to your inner happiness!

No matter on which stage of your path you might be at this moment…

1Do you need a Guide?

Maybe you lack clarity.
You do not really know what you really want.

You feel quite okay and satisfied in your comfort zone.

You only know one thing: somehow something is missing in your life.

You may not know exactly what.

There’s just that one thought over and over again

“There must be more to it than that. This can’t possibly have been everything!”

You want a job or task in your life that makes your eyes sparkle with joy, where you feel,

“That’s what I’m here for!”

2Manifesting your dreams doesn’t work?

Maybe you already have an idea of what your dream life should look like.

Your vision board is created & you use positive affirmations daily to change your reality.


But somehow your dreams do not come true.

You have no idea why, it just doesn’t work.

No matter what you try, you simply don’t move from the starting line?

And you find yourself more and more frustrated?

3Do you feel too blocked to finally jump off?

You already see the silver lining on the horizon, but something is blocking you from finally becoming active & taking concrete steps towards fulfilling your dreams.


Maybe you are just afraid to leave your comfort zone.

Maybe there are so-called “shadows” such as self-doubt, stubborn negative belief systems, insecurities or even feelings of anger, at yourself or someone else who stand in your way like an insurmountable wall.


And you do not really get out of this “valley of shadows”, no matter what you try.

…Want to learn more about
HOW to overcome your inner shadows?

→ Watch my little movie “Through the shadowland of the Soul”


But no worries, you are not alone with this! 🙂
Together we can overcome the obstacles on your path!

With the powerful support of the angels by my side I reach out my hand to you…

and together we dig deep into the depths of your soul, to detect blockades and hidden treasures…
so that you become FREE

free for your personal path of happiness!

Now, just jump over your shadow! 🙂 

Contact me now!

 All services offered are NOT a replacement for a medical or therapeutic treatment, do NOT represent a diagnosis and do NOT make a declaration of healing. Consultations during a session are spiritual coaching and are no predications about your future. If you make use of my services, you are 100 % responsible for the interpretation of the information gathered during a coaching session, as well as your acts or omissions that derive from a treatment.